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Vislas Academy September Fun Holiday Workshops

The September Holiday Programme Collection offers a diverse range of workshops for children and teenagers aged 7 to 17, including Eco Arts, Enhanced Study Skills, Storytelling through Robotics (Photon), Beginner AR/VR, and Advanced AR/VR.

For Participants From Age 8 - 12 Years Old

AR, augmented reality, VR
Augmented Reality Workshop

Robot, robotic, coding
Robotic Holiday Workshop

For Participants From Age 13 - 16 Years Old

paludarium, terrarium, vivarium, art and craft
Paludarium Holiday Workshop

augmented reality, ar, VR
Advance Augmented Reality Holiday Workshop

Study, better results, study skills, motivation
Enhanced Study Skills Holiday Workshop

The Vislas Academy September Holiday Programme is proudly brought to you by Vislas Academy and Cornerstone Enrichment Pte. Ltd.


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