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We are a company of educators, content creators, communicators and subject experts. All of us are united in our dedication to creating the future of learning experiences. We do things that no one else does, and we aren't afraid to take on complex challenges and create learning solutions.

With our expansion we are looking for:


Workshop Trainers & Facilitators

March 22, 2019

Trainer Role

Trainers are one of the important pillars of our business. An engaging and inspiring workshop can only be made possible through dedicated trainers and facilitators with a positive attitude and excellent communication skills.

At Cornerstone Enrichment, we not only provide our training team with the opportunities to sharpen their training skills, we also offer various different career development opportunities to our training team to progress with our business.


Job Description

  • To conduct/assist classroom training on various programmes in life-skills, innovation, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, etc.

  • Managing of classroom to ensure we deliver engaging programmes.

  • To work with programme managers and teachers on training programmes customisation.

  • To ensure workshop activities are delivered in accordance with the desired programme objectives and outcomes.

  • Undertake routine post-workshop duties such as progress reporting, summary of training and lesson delivery refinement.


Job Requirements

  • Minimum a diploma in any discipline.

  • Proficient in written and spoken English.

  • Passionate in the area of work related to the character development of youth.

  • Able to communicate effectively, be inspiring to inspire!

  • Good presentation skills, able to multi-task, having a proactive positive mindset and friendly personality.

  • Relevant experience (e.g. CCA, working knowledge of Singapore's education system, facilitation, volunteer work in the community)

  • Possess good conceptualization skills to understand learning methodology / concepts / programme framework.

  • Working professionals with training or teaching expertise in the following areas will be considered favourably:



      Speech & Drama

      Counselling & Social Work

      Career Planning & Human Resource

      IT - Infocomm

      Games Development 

      Computer Coding

      Food & Beverage

      Hospitality & Tourism

      Aviation & Aerospace

      Life Science & Bio Science

      Nano science


      Nursing & Healthcare





      Design Thinking

      Photography & Videography

      Event & Project Management

      Dining & Social Etiquette

  • Fresh graduates can also apply.

  • Must be IT savvy 

  • Candidate with IT, robotic, microbit and technology experience preferred.

  • Candidate without training experience may be considered for the role of facilitators.

  • All successful candidates are expected to undertake basic train-the-trainer training in order to be familiar with our processes, training system and unique training methodology.

VR Coding Programming Trainers and Facilitators

July 01, 2018

We are looking for trainers and facilitators for our Growcraft Creator VR Coding Programme.


It is the world’s first 3D/Virtual Reality (VR) visual coding course for children between the ages of 8 to 14.


This course provides an engaging and experiential platform for virtual reality based computer coding, 3D and spatial design, as well as STEM subject knowledge.

Through a variety of game-like learning scenarios, we stimulate student’s desire for questioning, analytical thinking, exploration, and provide educators with an immersive pedagogy over the traditional teaching methods for increased level of student engagement.


  • Train and engage with the students with Coding/Programmning skills infused with academic/STEM knowledge and concepts (such as from mathematics & science) according to the lesson plan.

  • Help the students to learn problem solving skills with logical thinking through Coding lesson.

  • Be able to communicate closely with the project manager, trainers and facilitators.

  • Must always be able to prepare the lesson well before the lesson start.


Job Requirements & Qualifications

  • Minimum either Diploma or Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or Programming.

  • At least 1 years experience in teaching coding programme for students age between 6-18.

  • Basic knowledge of modelling and 3D making in any 3D software environment.

  • Ability of deliver the learning principles and the objectives of the lesson.

  • Must be passionate to train with Primary and Secondary school students.

  • Good class management and know-how to handle students well.

  • Able to communicate patiently with students.

  • High energy, enthusiastic, motivational training style.

  • IT savviness is a must.



  • Must be based locally and able to speak a local dialect, Mandarin, and English.

  • We welcome candidates who know Gaming Design and have Creative Art background to join us.

  • Candidates with no experience and little knowledge in coding programming are welcome to join and learn, and you may start as a facilitator before becoming a trainer .

  • Excellent career progression to become Curriculum, Content, and/or Project Manager.

  • Job Type: Part-time/Freelance

  • Salary: To be reviewed during the interview

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Content Developer

October 12, 2017


  • To develop, customise and improve innovation & entrepreneurship programme content in-line with our curriculum.

  • To implement best practices with regard to classroom engagement and management for the programme.

  • To liaise closely with our business development team in crafting programme proposal to meet client’s requirement.

  • To attend any project briefing to understand client’s requirement, learning objectives and deliverables.


Job Requirements & Qualifications

  • Age 25 and above with minimum qualification of Diploma or Bachelor Degree in any discipline.

  • Proficient in written and spoken English.

  • High level of passion in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Strong entrepreneur mindset is essential.

  • Must have classroom training experience.

  • Possess good conceptualisation skills to understand learning methodology and concepts.

  • Entrepreneur experience is highly desired.

  • Customer oriented with strong work ethic to meet deadlines on short notice.

  • IT savvy.


Additional Notes:

We offer excellent business opportunities and income potential.

Job Type: Project based

Remuneration: To be discussed depending on experience

Those looking for a 9-to-5 job need not apply.

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