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Education Career Guidance Programme

About The Programme

With innovation picking up pace in every social and economical aspect of our lives, simply doing well academically to secure education certificates without consideration of future economic pathways is no longer sufficient. Cornerstone's Education and Career Guidance (ECG) programmes aims to equip students with the necessary skills to be future-ready to as they enter the upcoming Disrup-novative Economic Era.


This programme aims to prepare students for the ‘Disrup-novative’ economic era by equipping them with relevant skillsets and the right mind set.


  • Career Awareness

  • Career Mapping & Educational Pathways

  • Job Hunting for First Time Job Seekers

  • Resume Writing Skills

  • Interview Skills

  • Preparation for Assessment Centre

  • Using Personal Branding to Improve Chance of Employment

  • Entrepreneurship as a Viable Career Option

  • Change Management

  • Career Mentoring

  • Elective Modules


Level : Secondary and Tertiary

Award : Certificate of completion

Duration : 11 modules (2 - 10 hours per module)*

Entry : No prerequisites required

Mode : Classroom-based or online workshop

Require : NA

*Customization of programme available upon request


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