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Basic Augmented Reality Programming Workshop

About The Programme

Let your marine creatures come to life in an ARquarium! Learn how to create an AR scene to let your 3D modeling come alive.

This programme consist of 2 lessons. In lesson 1, participants will learn how to work in a 3D environment, place and map their model to create a full 3D scene. In the second lesson, participants will learn how to programme their scene and turn the AR Scene alive.


This programme aims to introduce participants to the world of Augmented Reality and help them develop STEAM skill sets through teaching participants:

  • The basic of creating and placement 3D scene

  • Basic programming skills to animate their 3D model

  • Learn how to use AR creation software to turn their 3D scene into AR environment.

  • Through an AR mini project, participants to articulate the rationale of their AR creation

Learning Outcome

By the end of the programme, participants will:

  • Be able to create a basic 3D objects

  • Be able to assemble the 3D objects into a full 3D scene

  • Be able to apply logic flow and basic block programming

  • Be able to virtualize the application on a physical object using QR codes

  • Create a full AR scene environment to do a show and tell to express their creative rationale.


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