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Financial Literacy Programme - My Money Works For Me

About The Programme

The “Money Works For Me” financial awareness programme aims to equip practical financial skills and instill habits in the area of personal finance and wealth creation.

Students learn financial concepts through gamified simulation gameplay – The Island Economy.

The Island Economy Simulation is a board game played without using traditional game board to suit the classroom environment. It is a scenario based simulation game played using the scorecard, job card, simulated money and game card implemented through slides for efficiency, flexibility and collaboration between participants.

The island Economy is a flexible financial economy simulator that can be configured and customized to teach basic, intermediate and advance financial knowledge and will be used throughout the workshop.

Lessons and financial concepts are build directly into the gameplay simulation.

Students will experience the economic phenomenon of various factors working to create the financial complexity. Students will also be introduced to simple financial statement as their financial scorecard in a natural way of keeping tap of their financial health. This allows students to naturally learn how money actually works.

It allows both groups and individuals to play at the same time creating a mini interactive economy and allow students to make simple to complex decisions.

Students will practice what they learn in the simulation, take action and make decision to achieve their goals.


Phenomemon-based Approach

Our workshop is build around the most common financial issues faced by our youth today. This allow us to focus only on the most practical skills to help our participants tackle poor financial habits.

Learn More – Teach Less

Students experience the phenomenon by doing it followed by trainer’s explanation on the theories. This stimulates student’s natural curiosity and encourage them to ask questions to map their experience to verify the theories. Our trainers further ask guiding questions to help students arrive at their own logical conclusion. This approach helps students to internalize their learning to their personal experience and thereby better retain what they have learned.

Financial Terms in Plain English

As far as possible, we use plain English and minimize the use of complex financial terms and theories. Instead we focus on helping our participants to build positive habits and make logical conclusions.

Beyond Just Financial Knowledge

Financial savvy people do not just understand the terms and theories. They often have high sense of problem solving capacity that enable them to search and formulate strategies and solutions. In our workshops we go beyond simply just teaching financial knowledge but also information search and problem-solving skills.

Modules Multiple modules from basic to advance for participants age 7 to 20 years old:

  • Understand what is money modules

  • Financial foundation modules

  • Developing healthy habits modules

  • Wealth creation and investment modules

  • Money management modules

  • Managing financial risks modules


Level : Age 7 - 20

Award : Certificate of participation

Duration : Between 1-2 hours per module

Entry : No prerequisite required

Mode: Face to face or fully virtual


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