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Virtual Team Building

Our virtual team building programme aims to help organisation to continue to enhance the team motivation and bonding among staffs during the current Covid-19 situation.


The virtual team building programme use the most advance state of the art virtual social open space (VSOS) simulation technology and consists of a series of virtual team-based activities that simulate real-life teambuilding where participants are represented by avatars, coming into the same virtual space to plan, strategize and collaborate in order to achieve the programme objectives. 


Through simulated team coordination; team vs team & team vs time activities, participants will learn about their strength and weakness and how they can make an improvement to excel in maintaining effective peer support; better collaboration and communication skills in a team within a dynamic competitive environment just like in a real-life team building.

Programme Objective
The objectives of this structured programme with gamification concepts include:

  • Promote positive peer support and team-bonding

  • Help participants to interact virtually among each other and discover their strengths and set goals to pursue their aspirations.

  • Train participants to work in a collaborative and group environment while polishing their communication skills

  • Allow participants to discover their strengths and contribute to team activities in a gamified and engaging virtual environment.

This programme comprises of:

Module 1: Building A High-Performance Team

A series of team activities that simulate real-life team building:

  • Virtual Bowling (Warmup)

  • Explosive Demolition Ball

  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt

  • Escape Room

Module 2: Team Problem Solving

This involves putting into practice the skills learned in Module 1 for scenario-based team problem solving

  • Planning & team collaboration

  • Build A Virtual Yacht Club

Cash Flow Management For Startup

This programme is designed for startup business owners and non-accounting trained professionals to understand how they can practically manage their business cash flow cycle. Using easy to understand and logical terms. Our trainers are either seasoned business owners or accountants with years of experience in MNCs and SMEs. They will be sharing the best practices of how to manage day-to-day cash flow control and forecast so that small business owners and non-accounting professionals will also be able to quickly set up a simple system to track day-to-day cash situationi.

  • Understand the importance of good cash flow management towards building a successful business.

  • Determine your business’ cash flow cycle to make efficient use of capital.

  • How to read cash flow from the financial statement.

  • How to develop basic cash flow control and forecast.

  • Cost-effective tools for cash flow management

  • Tips on better cash flow management.

Developing Positive Emotions and Discovering Your Happiness Strengths

Participants of this workshop will gain a better understanding of emotions, feelings and expressions and how these influence behaviours and actions; learning how to cope with emotions and how to express positive emotions in productive and positive ways so that the actions can be aligned with how they wish to behave.

The science of Positive Psychology reveals that commonly experienced Positive Emotions and their impact on happiness are well connected. Developing these emotions will boost your “Happiness Strengths” of Zest, Hope, Gratitude, Curiosity and Love.


“If you know your Enneagram type you already have a head start with self-awareness and should be able to identify your strengths more easily.”

The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles

The ENNEAGRAM (nine points) is a personality system that presents a useful template or map for understanding ourselves, the important people in our life, and the groups we work with. It describes nine ways of processing and responding to the world– a full spectrum of personality styles.

The Enneagram Spectrum workshop will give participants insight into the 9 Personalities and the values, what motivates people and their defense mechanisms. These recognitions will provide an overall understanding on how people communicate, make decisions and their leadership styles for personal development, relationship management and business management.

This tool also encourages path for growth for each type so one can become a more holistic and an effective person in life.

Lego Serious Play Teambuilding

A facilitated meeting, communication and problem-solving method developed in 1999 by Robert Rasmussen within LEGO™ Group.

Participants will get to Know their Team Members better through playing seriously with LEGO® Bricks. The different available modules will help participants to Discover their Personal & Team Goals through serious discussion over LEGO® Bricks.

Communication skills and storytelling are 2 of the Top Soft Skills needed for the Future of Work. Participants will discover how they can use LEGO® Bricks to communicate ideas and work on new projects for empowering self and others.

3D-Printed Skribots* Indoor Teambuilding

*Skribots are customizable 3D-printed robots that anyone can design, print and programme.


Participants will learn the principles of programming with block-based interface for beginners, or code away in Arduino for the experienced programmers. Participants will go through series of missions that will challenge the Team in critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


The scenarios and missions are customised and No Two Are the Same Challenge. Absolutely great fun for an indoor teambuilding event.

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