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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programme

About The Programme

This programme is a form of project-based learning structured with the Design Thinking process. Our programme develops critical thinking skills, creative problem solving , communication skills, inventive thinking skills and collaborative skills, and provides a rich context for academic instruction and student learning. Our programme is based on the following key principles :

  • Ownership and thus project selection by the students (with appropriate trainer guidance)

  • Involvement of the students in empathizing, planning and ideation, prototyping and testing to bring their ideas alive.


  • Students learn a range of valuable practical skills including: problem solving, organizing, collaborating, project management, research, survey/interview skills, analysis of data, dealing with obstacles and setbacks, etc.

  • Students develop character virtues and interpersonal habits such as respect, responsibility, empathy, cooperation, citizenship, initiative, and persistence.

  • Students are empowered with the realization that they can make a difference.



● Traits of an Entrepreneur - Mindset of Employee vs Business Owner, Growth Mindset, Empathy

● Innovative Thinking Skills - Mindmapping, PPI, Brainwriting

● Marketing - 4Ps of Marketing Mix

● Learning Journeys


● Traits of an Entrepreneur - Identifying Business Opportunities, Risk-taking

● Interpersonal Skills - Communication, Presentation & Pitching, Negotiation Skills

● Innovative Thinking Skills - SCAMPER,

● Marketing - Market Research, Marketing Plan

● Financial Acumen - Basic Accounting, Basic P&L

● Learning Journeys


● Interpersonal Skills - Networking

● Innovative Thinking Skills - Product Development, Design Considerations & Constraints

● Marketing - Market Research & Analysis

● Financial Acumen - Income Statement, Cashflow, Balance Sheet

● Business funding - Securing capital for startup

● Business Management Skills - Ethics, contract & basic business law

● Learning Journeys


Level : Primary, Secondary, Tertiary

Award : Certificate of completion

Duration : 3 modules (10 - 20 hours per module)

Entry : No prerequisites required

Mode : Classroom-based or online workshop

Require : Laptop or Android tablet / iPad for online workshops