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Growth Mindset Problem Solving Programme

About The Programme

A Growth Mindset refers to the belief that a person’s abilities and intelligence can be developed through dedication and hard work. According to Dr. Carol Dweck – the professor of psychology who coined the term and studied the scientific effects of a Growth Mindset for thirty over years. While someone with a fixed mindset believes in innate strengths, someone with a growth mindset believes that the brain is malleable and hence effort and experience can lead to higher achievement outcomes. Students who believe that they can learn more and can become smarter through hard work and perseverance indeed learn more, learn faster and learn more thoroughly. Such students perceive challenges and mistakes as opportunities to improve their learning and abilities. As such, they have a love for learning and the resilience necessary for great accomplishments.

This programme consists of 2 modules:

  • Module 1: Learn about growth mindset through individual or team simulated virtual activities with gamification elements.

  • Module 2: Apply the knowledge acquired regarding growth mindset to a virtual problem-based scenario that simulate real life challenge in a full 3D gamified environment.

Virtual Social Open Space (VSOS) simulator is the only type of full interactive 3D virtual simulation platform in the market that allows all participants to come into the same virtual space for simulated problem-solving collaboration and interaction in a full 3 dimensional environment while at the same time achieve a high degree of gamification for the team building.

Participants will learn about what is growth mindset vs fixed mindset, the importance of growth mindset; how it affects both individual and team performance and .how to apply growth mindset thinking to better solve challenges in both their personal life and work / study related issues.


This Growth Mindset Programme aims to:

  • Let the participants understand what is growth mindset vs fixed mindset. And the benefit of adopting a growth mindset to achieve their personal goals.

  • To understand that by adopting a growth mindset, they too can be as successful through being able to adapt to changing environments; believe that intelligence can be learned through consistent hard work and a positive self-motivation.

Learning Outcome

After this course, participants will be able to :

1. Able to explain the difference between growth mindset and why maintaining a positive mindset is the key to overcome new challenges in life and why intelligence can be learned.

2. Apply a simple technique so that they can see that they can develop solution to any challenges if they understand the concept of controllable and uncontrollable events.

3. Able to relates how being adaptable; being resilience and putting in consistent effort are the core elements of achieving their goals instead of just “being talented”.


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