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All our standard programmes can be specially customised for your school's learning needs.

After School Engagement & Timeout Programme

We have broken down our youth holistic development programmes into 3 distinct levels.​

Level 1: Groundwork - focuses on equipping students with the basic knowledge and skills to manage themselves.

Self-awareness through interest-based activities, Emotion Management, Growth Mindset, Goal Setting, Profiling, Career Guidance, Motivation, Time Management

Level 2: Scaffolding - equip students with the framework with which to build on their individual capabilities.

Relationship Management, Coding, Communication Skills, Financial Literacy, Study Skills, Learning Styles, Project



Level 3: Growth - provides students with the skills in which they need to succeed in today's modern society.

Digital Photography, Balloon Sculpting, Rock Climbing, Soccer, Dance, Board, Games, Community Engagement, Virtual

Reality, Fintech, Entrepreneurship

innovation & Entrepreneurship Programme

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programme aims to instill in learners entrepreneurial skills through real-life business scenarios. By using a hands-on approach in innovation projects, they are inspired to identify, adopt and promote social causes. The programme also helps students develop critical life skills and community mindset such as:

Awareness of Social Issues, Project Work, Simple
Business Concepts, Collaboration & Team Work



Innovation / Creativity, Social Entrepreneurship
Skills, Communication Skills, Problem-solving


Self-responsibility, Social Awareness, Empathy for
the Community

My Money Works for Me is based on an action-based simulation game that can be configured to teach basic, intermediate and advanced financial knowledge.


Students will experience various factors working to create the financial complexity of a real economy. Students will also be introduced to a simple financial statement as their financial scorecard to keep tabs on their financial health

so that students learn how money actually works.


This game is able to engage all students at the same time, allowing them to practise learning points picked up during the simulation (including taking action, and making sound decisions to achieve their goals).

Career Guidance Education

Our career education workshops are developed to prepare our youths with the future employment scenario in mind,

where technological disruption, project-based employment and innovation will form the cornerstone of the next

economic paradigm shift – we termed this The Disrupnovative Economy.

The content of our workshops is developed by seasoned professionals active in the headhunting / recruitment

industries with deep understanding of the employment trends.

Developed by Practitioners:
The content of our workshops is developed by seasoned professionals active in the headhunting / recruitment
industries with deep understanding of the employment trends.

Easy to Apply Tools:

RAISEC Career Mapping, VOBR Personal randing, D.I.G. Framework 

Skills-based Approach: 
Interview Skills, Communication Skills, Resume Writing, Etiquette & Deportment, Personal Statement Writing

Communication Skills & Public Speaking

​Designed by professionals with Toastmasters qualification, our Communication Skills & Public Speaking Programmes aim to develop students on various areas of communication skills, such as enunciation, vocal techniques, eye contact, gesturing, body language, and understanding of the audience. For students who possess good articulation skills, our Debate module aims to prepare them with the right skills of critical and creative thinking for debate competitions.

Critical Thinking & Decision Making Programme

Our programme harnesses Socratic Maieutics techniques & the 6 core critical thinking skills. Using practical thinking tools, fun games and experiential activities, students will be able to use the skills learned to explore complex ideas, get to the truth of things, open up issues and problems, uncover and challenge assumptions, analyse concepts, distinguish what we know from what we don't know and make good decisions. 

Ideas change the world. The power of a new idea is the engine that transforms the way we live and think and the source of consistent improvements to stay competitive and survive the change of time.


However, an idea alone cannot change the world, unless it is developed into effective products, processes, services or technologies that are accepted by markets, governments and society through the process of entrepreneurial spirit.


This Design Thinking Programme aims to equip the youth with the knowledge, skills and tools that will usher them onto the path of innovation, creativity and enterprise.


Above all, it aims to inculcate in their minds and attitude, a spirit of creativity, initiative and self-reliance, and promotes active citizenry - showing concern by understanding and solving community problems.

Motivation & Study Skills Programme

We believe in having fun while learning.

Our programme is designed to help learners adopt the Growth Mindset before embarking on their journey to mastering academic subjects with the use of effective study skills in context. In this programme students will be guided through:

Profiling Tools

Character Strengths, MBTI, DISC, Multiple Intelligences, VARK


Memory Techniques

Acronyms, Mnemonics, Association-Imagination-Location, Memory Palace


Notetaking Skills

Cornell Method, Mind-mapping, SQ4R


Other Skills

Goal-setting, Stress Management, Priority Management (i.e. Time Management)

Photography & Videography

We believe in building character while picking up useful skills.

Our programme is designed to help learners build their character while mastering skills in photography and/or videography. Students will be given the opportunity to apply what they have learnt during the practical component of every session.


Getting to Know a DSLR Camera,  E

Eyes of the Photographer,  

The Exposure Triangle,

Overview of Different Modes,

Composition Techniques,

Special Shoots (Outdoors / Events/ Portrait),

Controlling Flash,

Photo Editing & Presentation



Production Process and Roles,

Types of Storytelling and Genres,


Camera Works and Composition,

Understanding Sound & Music Recording,

Footage Import and Post Editing

Robotics & Coding Programmes

Dream With Robots develops students with a high touch approach in a high tech world.

Globalization has resulted in an increasing need to equip our next generation with new skills to better prepare them for the challenges of the future. Our programme is designed to take students through fun and engaging projects while gaining the most out of rigorous STEAM education.

The Youth Social Enterprise Programme is designed to raise awareness of social issues, instil empathy and equip students with creative - innovative thinking skills. Students learn about the various aspect of setting up and running a social enterprise. Last but not least, students will identify social issues that need to be addressed, generate solutions and plan a social enterprise and/or awareness campaign.

Service Leadership Programme

Our Service Learning, Service Leadership and VIA programme are crafted base on the company real-life service leadership experience from our staffs performing actual community works such as Project We Care. The experience we gained is infused into the approach we take in this programme.

This programme encourages students to identify, adopt, promote social causes and learn to give back to society.  Students will be involved in hands-on projects to learn the ropes! 


We are one of the official vendors approved by People’s Association (Youth Division) to design and conduct service-learning courses for the People’s Association Youth Division's Service Learning Champion Programme in 2016 & 2017. Over the years we have conduct over hundreds of different customized service-learning workshops throughout schools in Singapore.

Shuai Leadership Programme

The Shuai Leadership programme is based on the time-tested philosophy of Sun Zi – The Art of War, used by many global leaders as the core leadership framework. Our programme goes beyond the traditional leadership approach, by having students learn by play and activities in the context of leaders’ action, strategic and resource planning, organisation, management, execution and change management.

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