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Motivation & Study Skills

About This Programme Cornerstone’s Motivational and Study Skills programme adopts a holistic approach, by establishing a positive mentality towards challenges, simple and effective techniques for stress management, planning milestones for study goals and aspirations, and then introducing an array of effective study skills that each student can utilize.


  • Guide students to discover their inner motivations toward academic mastery, and equip students with the proper techniques to increase the effectiveness of their study methods.

  • For students to understand their VARK learning style and optimize the way they approach studying.

  • Provide students with tips and best practices in how to study smarter, and how to prepare and sit for an exam in the best performing physical and mental state to achieve the best results

Programme Modules:

Profiling Tools

  • Character Strengths, MBTI, DISC, Multiple Intelligences, VARK

Memory Techniques

  • Acronyms, Mnemonics, Association-Imagination-Location, Memory Palace

Notetaking Skills

  • Cornell Method, Mind-mapping, SQ4R

Other Skills

  • Goal-setting, Stress Management, Priority Management (i.e. Time Management)


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