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vL-LS-SS-MTH-001: Trigonometry Lesson

Subject: Math

Level: Secondary 3

Chapter: Trigonometry, Area of Plane Figures

Topic / Sub-topic: Applications of Trigonometric Ratios and Areas of Plane Figures to Real World Context

Type: Individual or group work


This virtual learning lab consist of a total of 2 activities involving the application of trigonometry knowledge to solve real world challenges.

Mr. Tan, a house owner needs to paint his building and he needs to know the volume of paints he will need.

Students will be operating in a fairly unguided environment to simulate real world scenarios and have to make decision of what to and what kind of trigonometry principles, knowledge of area of planes & metric conversion to find the volume of paints needed to paint a building.

Students will work in 2-3 students per group and are encouraged to discuss the problems and possible ways to solve them.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To identify and apply the trigonometric ratios to real-life scenarios in a self - paced environment.

  1. To allow students to make unguided decision on how to use the tools provided and be able to find the unknown variables to solve problems.

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