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Virtuapreneur of The Next Virtual Reality & Virtual Open-World Revolution

Imagine waking up every morning and go into your virtual shops to check how many visitors have visited the shops while you were sleeping.

With a press of a button of your keyboard, you have over 100 sales each priced at US$10.00.

With another press, the money is transferred to your bank account and converted into real currency.

Is this even possible?

And the answer is yes!

Virtuapreneurs and early adopters of the VR technology have already been selling things in the virtual world since 10 years ago.

The picture below is a virtual shop carrying the Slink brand in an open virtual world called Second Life, selling virtual shoes to female avatars owned by real people who frequent the virtual world and want their avatars to look as good as they can be.

Unimaginable isn't it? After all who would spend the kind of money on virtual goods?

The owner of this brand earns over US$5000 on average a month. She spent several years building her business to achieve this result!

Slink Branded Virtual Shoes for virtual avatar in Second Life

Ailin Graef or more popularly know as Anshe Chung (her avatar name). A very successful entrepreneur who found a niche market in the virtual open world.

She is probably the world's first virtual real estate tycoon selling virtual land to game lovers.

Source: Wikipedia

In 2006, she became the first virtual millionaire in the virtual world of Second Life. Her virtual world assets can be legally converted into genuine U.S. currency worth over $1 million!

You can read more about her story HERE

Today her business spans across multiple virtual worlds and game worlds and is still growing strong. You can check out her website.

That was back in 2006 and they were ordinary people using technology to create breakthrough businesses that most of us can't even understand until now.

With the pace of infocommunication technology, I believe the next virtual reality / augmented reality revolution will bring about even greater opportunities for those who dare to explore and dream!

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