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Virtual Teambuilding

Course Ref: CS-ADT-LS-TEM-001

Course Title: Virtual Team Building

Duration: 2 Modules of 4 hours each (can be completed over 2 separate days or in one day)

Mode: Face-to-face classroom delivery or Webinar style live broadcast with our trainer

Requirement: Window laptop (i5) and good internet connection

About The Workshop The virtual team building programme consists of a series of virtual team-based activities that simulate real-life teambuilding where participants are represented by avatars, coming into the same virtual social open space (VSOS) to plan, strategize and collaborate in order to achieve the programme objectives.

Through simulated team coordination; team vs team & team vs time activities, participants will learn about their strength and weakness and how they can make an improvement to excel in maintaining effective peer support; better collaboration and communication skills in a team within a dynamic competitive environment just like in a real-life team building programme.

Programme Objective

  • Promote positive peer support and team-bonding

  • Help participants to interact virtually among each other and discover their strengths and set goals to pursue their aspirations.

  • Train students to work in a collaborative and group environment while polishing their communication skills

  • Allow participants to discover their strengths and contribute to their teams in a gamified and engaging virtual environment.

Module 1 Building High Performance Team

In this module, participants will undertake various team-based activities to learn about various soft team skills such as communication, team spirit, collaboration, and the importance of commitment and how individual contribution towards a team is vital. Through the completion of activities, they will earn Virtual Currency in order to buy different building materials (3d assets) in Module 2 to complete a problem-solving scenario.

Module 2 Team Problem Solving

This module allows participants apply what they have learned in Module 1 to problem-solving.

Each team will undertake a mini-project to build a 3D virtual scene and in the process learn various problem-solving skills such as planning, resource organization, cost control in a small team environment.

Each team will use the digital currencies earned in Module 1 to buy the necessary resources to design their 3D virtual scene. This will often require them to plan their budget and material required and also improvise along the way to reach their objectives.

After building their 3D virtual scene, all the teams will compete for the best build project scene to determine 3 winners for this workshop.

Module 2: Members work in their team to solve the problem scenario of building a marine yacht club requested by the client.