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Cashflow Management For Startups

About the programme

This programme is designed for startup business owners and non-accounting trained professionals to understand how they can practically manage their business cash flow cycle. Using easy to understand and logical terms. Our trainers are either seasoned business owners or accountants with years of experience in MNCs and SMEs. They will be sharing the best practices of how to manage day-to-day cash flow control and forecast so that small business owners and non-accounting professionals will also be able to quickly set up a simple system to track day-to-day cash situationi.


  • Understand the importance of good cash flow management towards building a successful business.

  • Determine your business’ cash flow cycle to make efficient use of capital.

  • How to read cash flow from the financial statement.

  • How to develop basic cash flow control and forecast.

  • Cost-effective tools for cash flow management

  • Tips on better cash flow management.

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