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CS-ADT-ICT-VRT-002-Basic Virtual Tour Workshop for Teachers

Create Blended Learning Teaching Materials Using Virtual Tour Technology

Course Ref: CS-ADT-ICT-VRT-002

Course Title: Basic Virtual Tour Workshop For Teachers

Duration: 3 Modules of 1.5 hours each (can be completed over 3 separate days or in one day)

Mode: Face-to-face classroom delivery or Webinar style live broadcast with our trainer

About The Workshop This course is designed for teachers as an introduction to understand the basic of virtual reality and immersive technology.

Participants will learn how to create web-based high quality virtual interactive multimedia scene with 3D perspective that can be used as lesson materials or learning resources to better engage students’ interest.

The programme is designed for absolute beginners with no prior experience in coding. Coding skills are not required to successfully complete this course.

Programme Objective

  • Understand what is VR virtual tour and the process involved to create a realistic 360 panoramic virtual scene.

  • Understand how to use the tools involve to add multimedia information into a virtual scene.

  • Understand how virtual scanning technology can be applied to create stunning multi-media presentation for teaching and lesson materials.

This course comprises of 3 modules:

Module 1: Virtual Tour As Teaching Resource

  • Different types of virtual tour

  • Basic virtual tour equipment and setup

  • Process of creating virtual tour scene

  • Virtual Tour Application for teachers (Brainstorming application of virtual tour as teaching material)

Module 2: Scene Scanning

  • Pre-scanning preparation

  • Indoor and outdoor scanning techniques

  • Challenges and solution

Module 3: Virtual Tour Production

  • Editing & post production image preparation

  • Extracting & image conversion

  • Creating a rich multimedia virtual tour as lesson/teaching resource.

Sample of scene participants will create