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CS-SCH-VRT-001 Basic Virtual Tour Online Workshop Now Open For Registration

Learn to create stunning web-based ready dynamic VR scene

Course Ref: CSO-OLC-ICT-VRT-001

Course Title: Basic Virtual Tour Workshop

Duration: 3 lessons of 1.5 hours each

Date: Lesson 1: Friday (26/6/2020) ; Lesson 2: Saturday (27/6/2020) & Lesson 3: Sunday (28/6/2020)

Time: 6.30pm - 8.00pm (for all lessons)

Mode: Webinar style live broadcast with our trainer

Trainer: Mr. Han Kwang Tin, Martin

About This Workshop

This course is designed for participants age 10 and above as an introduction to understand the basics of virtual reality and immersive technology.

It is an online workshop with live training broadcast. Participants will learn how to create high quality virtual interactive multi-media scene with 3D perspective that can be deploy onto the web.

The programme is designed for absolute beginners with no prior experience in coding. Coding skills are not required to successfully complete this course.


1. Understand what is VR and the process involved to create a realistic virtual scene including 360 panoramic scene and real 3D virtual scene.

2. Understand how to use the tools involve to add multimedia information into a virtual scene.

3. Understand how virtual scanning technology can be applied to create stunning multi-media presentation for school project.

Learning Outcome

1. Able to explain the process in creating a realistic multimedia rich virtual reality environment.

2. Able to produce a 360 multimedia panoramic virtual environment.

3. Able to create a multimedia 3D virtual environment (VR capable) with dynamic perspective.


This workshop is divided into 3 modules (1 lesson each) of 1.5 hours over 3 consecutive days.

Lesson 1: Introduction to virtual tour

In this module, participants will learn different types of virtual tour technology (old and new) and their application. They will be taught how to perform scanning using mobile phones to create a 360 panoramic scene in preparation of creating the virtual tour.

Lesson 2: 360 Panoramic Virtual Tour

Participants will learn how to install the software needed and use their smart phone to create a static 360 panoramic environment with multimedia interaction.

Lesson 3: Full Virtual Tour With Dynamic Perspective

Understand the full process of 720 virtual scene. Using 3D assets library, participants progress to work in true 3D environment and create a true multimedia 3D virtual tour scene with dynamic perspective.


1. Practical assignment after each session for submission to our trainer for comments on refinement and improvement.

2. All software use will be free to ensure participants can continue to horn their skills after the workshop.

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