Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the next big technological disruptions that will drive great changes in our society, and in the way we learn, work and play.


In Cornerstone, we firmly believe in immersive technologies' suitability and strength in education due to its interactive and immersive nature. Virtual reality technology can be fully tapped to elevate our learning experience to greater heights whist preserving the enduring and powerful experience of face-to-face human interaction.


We are committed to applying VR technology as a new and effective learning delivery model in school education.


Growcraft Creator Virtual Reality Coding Programme

  • Growcraft is the world’s first 3D/Virtual Reality (VR) visual coding course for children between the ages of 8 to 14. This course provides an engaging and experiential platform for virtual reality based computer coding, 3D and spatial design, as well as STEM subject knowledge.

  • Through a variety of game-like learning scenarios, we stimulate student’s desire for questioning, analytical thinking, exploration, and provide educators with an immersive pedagogy over the traditional teaching methods for increased level of engaging students.


• Programme Highlight:

  • Exposure to VR and 3D disruption technologies.

  • Acquire basic skills to create VR animations and interactive objects through computer coding.

  • Build communications skills through storytelling using audio, pictures and animation techniques of VR coding

  • Learn problem solving skills through logical thinking

SilVRgrow Primary School Science Syallbus VR Courseware

The SilVRgrow Primary School Science Virtual Reality Courseware is designed in line with MOE's primary school science syllabus and can be incorporated into daily classroom lessons of any MOE public schools. The basic science concept for each topic is clearly and beautifully illustrated, localised and presented in 3D virtual dimension with explanation all done in British english that s in line with Singapore public education requirements.


All coursewares come with teacher's control module to allow for flexibility in combining VR and traditional teaching pedagogy to maximise the learning experience of the students.

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