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Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the next big technological disruptions that will drive great changes in our society, and in the way we learn, work and play.


We firmly believe in immersive technologies' suitability and strength in education due to its interactive and immersive nature. Virtual reality technology can be fully tapped to elevate our learning experience to greater heights whilst preserving the enduring and powerful experience of face-to-face human interaction.


We are committed to applying AR / VR technology as a new and effective learning delivery model in school education.


Basic Virtual Tour Online Workshop

Learn to create stunning web-based ready VR scene 

Course Ref: CS-SCH-ICT-VRT-001

Course Title: Basic Virtual Tour Workshop

Level: Age 10 and above

Award: Certificate of completion

Duration: 3 lessons of 2 hours each (total 6 contact hours)

Admission: No prerequisite required

Delivery: Online contact and practical

Require: Have a laptop, internet connection & smart phone

Workshop Description

This course is designed for participants age 10 and above as an introduction to understand the basics of virtual reality and immersive technology. It is an online workshop with live training broadcast. 

Participants will learn how to create high quality virtual interactive multi-media scene with 3D perspective that can be deploy onto the web.

The programme is designed for absolute beginners with no prior experience in coding. Coding skills are not required to successfully complete this course.

vLearn Lab

vLearn Lab is a highly interactive Virtual Social Open Space (VSOS) simulator that brings technology, training design and content together to create an interactive, collaborative and gamified virtual learning environment.

vLearn Lab can help teachers: 

  • Illustrate concepts and ideas visually

  • Create and design collaborative and interactive learning

  • Share and collaborate with others

  • Customize virtual lessons


vLearn Lab can help students to:

  • Visualize concepts easily

  • Test trainee’s understanding of training concepts and theory through problem solving

  • See how theories and concepts are applied in the real world Learn how to collaborate with their peers in problem solving scenarios Have an authentic and fun training  experience

From your lesson plan, we can help you build customized cost-effective virtual lessons and simulations.

Contact us for a demo.

V-Real Lab

Realistic Lab Experience Taking Science Education to the Next Level

V-REALAB lets students perform true-to-life lab experiments and practice their skills in a fun and risk-free VR learning environment. We offer standard curriculum-based VR/3D experiment simulations for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, among others, that are much more affordable than a physical lab.

Classroom Experience

Provides standard experiments according to primary and secondary school science curricula, including Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Exploration Lab

VR exploration environment in which all objects, actions, and reactions are based on real scientific principles. Provides creative tools for teaching innovation.

Object Library

3D-enabled modeling for all objects and material in laboratory; help the cognition of lab material, lab equipment, as well as other objects and materials.


V-ART is a VR painting tool with powerful 3D space graffiti, editing and modeling capabilities that enables students to easily design, build and modify 3D objects in the virtual world Students can learn how to make ceramics and porcelain, experience mud casting, engraving, painting and many more All artworks can be shared on mobile devices or 3D printed into real objects.

SilVRgrow Future Class VR

SilVRgrow’s flagship offering, FutureClass, is a comprehensive education system that combines a full solution set, including a cloud-based teaching management platform, student VR headsets, extensive interactive VR courseware, 3D and 360º panorama courseware related resources.

Contact us for a demo.

Growcraft Creator Virtual Reality Coding Programme

Growcraft stimulates a student’s desire to  strengthen his/her STEM knowledge and problem solving skills using a computational and coding approach

Students learn how to complete project tasks by applying cross-subject knowledge learned in school and logic computational thinking techniques to create a VR ready 3D scene Growcraft


  • Over 60 hours of STEM-based ready-to-deploy lesson plans and content

  • Create 3D/VR ready scene without prior 3D creation knowledge/skills

  • Easy to use Blocky-based programming interface focused on computational thinking skill development  

  • Digital content library with thousands of 3D content

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