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Dream With Robot Programme

About The Programme

Since the 20th Century, globalization has brought about new challenges but also tremendous opportunities for those who are able to solve them.

The availability of manpower with the necessary skillsets is key to ensuring Singapore’s growth in the Digital Economy. This has resulted in the need for us to equip the next generation of youths with new skills and competencies required in various jobs around the world. The arrival of 4.0 Industrial Revolution also entails a revamp of our education approach to better prepare our future generation.

Among the various new technologies available, robotics has been identified as one of the core fields with a whole host of multi-disciplinary applications. When underpinned by coding, engineering & artificial intelligence, the result will significantly impact the way we learn, work & play.

Towards this end, Cornerstone Enrichment has partnered with UBTECH to develop the DREAM WITH ROBOTS Programme which aims to bring multi-disciplinary learning of STEAM to Singapore’s education institutions.

STEAM Approach

The DREAM WITH ROBOTS programme uses the STEAM (Science / Technology / Engineering / Arts/ Mathematics) approach to equip our youths with relevant skillsets and mindsets in coding and robotics.

In our programme, students undertake projects to gain an understanding of the world of coding through several different themes. Through project work, important 21st Century skills such as creativity, critical thinking and teamwork are nurtured in the students. These are important tenets to keep our children relevant in Industry 4.0.

For the Code for Fun Enrichment Programme, we propose a project-based approach using scenarios in and around the theme “Smart Life, Smart Living” to be in line with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative. Through this theme, students will embark on their journey to build, code, explore, play and appreciate what a Smart Nation has to offer.

Programme Objective

  • Acquire interest, basic knowledge and right mindset in robotics

  • Apply skills and knowledge in real life

  • Innovate and design solutions to problems in everyday life


Module 1: Ages 7 - 9

  • Astron Enlightenment Tour

  • Astron Superpower Adventure

  • Astron Spacecraft Returns Home

  • Competition Preparation - Team VS Team Play

Module 2: Ages 10 - 12

  • My Smart Room

  • My AI Home

  • My AI-enabled Life

  • Competition Preparation - Pitching Skills

Module 3: Ages 13 - 14

  • Our Five Senses

  • My Robot Buddy

  • The Transformers

  • Competition Preparation - Military Warfare

Module 4: Ages 15 - 16

  • Our Vibrant World

  • Our Environment

  • Our Intelligent Helpers

  • Competition Preparation - Obstacle Course


Level : Primary and Secondary

Award : Certificate of completion

Duration : 4 levels, 4 modules each (10 - 16 hours per module)

Entry : No prerequisites required

Mode : Classroom-based workshop

Require : Windows laptop (i5) or Android tablet / iPad; Internet browser and good Internet connection


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