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Gearup: After School Engagement & Social Emotional Support Programme

About The Programme

Cornerstone’s ASE and Gear-Up programmes are special programmes developed in-line with the UPLIFT’s Taskforce (Uplifting Pupils in Life and Inspiring Families Taskforce) initiated by the government with special focus on:

  • Strengthening After School Care And Support for Disadvantaged students, and

  • Strengthening Coordination Between Stakeholders (in our case with the schools).

The programmes are designed to enable schools to mix and match different modules to achieve their ASE and/or Gearup objectives.

  • After School Engagement (ASE) with focus on helping students find meaningful use of their after school hours.

  • Social Emotional Support (SES) that focuses on customised needs of pupils who needs further supports by helping them finding their purpose in the community.

Both programmes incorporate interest-based approach with different degree to help student develop their visions of a compelling future and thereby motivate them internally to find their purpose in life.


ASE: Help students find meaningful use of their time with focuses on study, useful life skills, fun activities & self-awareness building programme.

SES: Strengthen targeted group of student’s self worth through multiple intelligence and interest-based approach to help them find their purpose and motivation within their immediate social circle through interest-based, social emotional, career based exposure and alternative educational pathway exposure.

We have broken down our youth holistic development programme into 3 distinct levels.​


After School Modules:

A1: Drop in Module

A2: Game-based Life Skill

A3: Crash Course Life Skill

A4: ASC Management Module

A5: ASC Project Module

A6: Consultation Module

Gearup Modules:

B1: Interest-based & Game-Based Module

B2: Career Education Module

B3: Life Skill Workshop Module

B4: Project-based Module

B5: Counselling Module


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