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vL-LS-AD-TTT: vLearn Lab Basic Workshop For Teachers

Subject: Math

Level: Teacher

Chapter: Trigonometry, Area of Plane Figures

Topic / Sub-topic: Applications of Trigonometric Ratios and Areas of Plane Figures to Real World Context

Type: Workshop

Duration: 4 hours


This is a vLearn Lab workshop designed for teachers to learn the basics of operating in the vLearn Lab virtual environment and its interface.

After finishing this workshop, participants will have acquired the necessary know how to operate within the vLearn Lab virtual learning environment including some basic 3D manipulating skills.

This workshop adopts a direct step by step hands on learning taking your from the most basic of avatar control, lesson setup, inventory management and 3D mesh building using the built-in in-world tools of vLearn Lab.

Learning Objectives: After this workshop, participants will be able to understand:

  1. The operational environment and UI of vLearn Lab.

  1. Lighting manipulation to create the right environment.

  1. Avatar navigation and changing appearance.

  1. Interaction with surrounding and objects.

  1. Assets and Inventory management

  1. Object manipulation.

  1. Grouping and object permission setting to control interaction.

  1. Basic building, linking objective & texturing of 3D mesh

  1. Basic of making objects work with simple scripts.

  1. Land management including parceling and land use right.

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