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Innovation & Entrepreneurship
 Holiday Workshop 2017

Innovation is an important life skill for every individual and an essential requirement for businesses and the society in general. Ideas change the world. The power of a new idea is the engine that transforms the way we live and think. However, an idea alone cannot change the world, unless it is developed into effective products, processes, services or technologies that are accepted by markets and society.


We aim to equip youth with the knowledge, skills and tools that will usher them onto the path of innovation, creativity and enterprise and become successful entrepreneurs in the future.

Programme Objective

To introduce participants to the world of innovation and entrepreneurship and equip them with the key mindset and know-how to be an entrepreneur.


Learning Outcome

Participants will adopt a tested approach to creative and critical thinking which is key to innovation and learn essential basic skills of business finance, investment pitch and marketing


Programme Methodology

Design Thinking Framework

The Design Thinking process is taught through problem scenarios called design challenges identified by workshop participants to answer the question, “How might we teach our lessons in class more creatively and engagingly?” Through these design challenges, participants will further develop creative confidence, critical thinking skills, collaboration and communication as a team.


Collaborative Learning

Our programme is based on a holistic development of participants through: competition, teamwork, critical thinking, decision making and peer learning. The programme will be conducted separately for different age group to allow for differentiated learning. Participants at various performance levels will work together in small groups in competitive game-based environment to achieve a common goal. The participants are therefore responsible for each other’s learning as well as their own. Thus, the success of one participant helps to motivate their peers to strive for the best.


Programme Details


Innovation & Entrepreneurship Level 1 (Age 8-10) - S$450.00

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Level 2 (Age11-13) - S$450.00
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Level 3 (Age 14-16) - S$450.00

All workshops include breaks and lunch (Halal with vegetarian & non-vegetarian options)


Workshop Duration:
2 days (8 hrs / day)

Class Size:
Min. 15 students to start


Run 1 (18th & 19th Nov 2017) &
Run 2 (25th & 26th November 2017)


09:30hrs to 17:30hrs for all runs


808 French Road, Kitchener Complex, Singapore 200808

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