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Financial Literacy Year End Holiday Workshop 2017

This programme aims to impart core financial knowledge, habits and skills to enable participants to learn the right values and grow up to be financially savvy.


Participants will understand the value of money and acquire basic financial management skills, tips and techniques that can be applied in their daily lives.


Let your child acquire financial skills through:


1. Mini-Economy Simulation 

2. Healthy Competition 

3. Teamwork 

4. Critical thinking 

5. Decision making

6. Peer learning

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Year End Holiday Workshop 2017

This programme aims aim to equip your child with the knowledge, skills and tools that will usher them onto the path of innovation, creativity and enterprise.  We impart and inculcate values, traits and know-how to be a successful entrepreneur.


Your child will adopt a tested approach to creative and critical thinking which is key to innovation and learn essential basic skills of business finance, investment pitch and marketing


Let your child develop an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship through:


1. Experiential learning

2. Problem solving

3. Developing communication skills to express their ideas

4. Basic business financial knowledge

5. Creative and critical thinking skills

6. Working in a team.

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