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Financial Literacy Holiday Workshop 2017

The youth of today are receiving and spending money at a younger age than their parents’ generation. With the advent of online and mobile shopping, youth find themselves inundated inadvertently with the marketing of myriad of items for sales.


An increasing number of young adults are becoming bankrupt in their 20s and 30s. With credit so widely and easily available in our country, it has become easier for young adults to acquire credit cards and loans and fall into the financial debt trap. As the world monetary system gets more interlinked than ever before, we must therefore equip our next generation with the requisite financial knowledge to quickly adapt to changes in such socio-economic trend.

Programme Objective

To impart core financial knowledge, habits and skills to enable participants to learn the right values and grow up to be financially savvy.


Learning Outcome

Participants will understand the value of money and acquire basic financial management skills, tips and techniques that they can apply in their daily lives.


Programme Methodology

A Mini-Economy and Role Playing

We simulate real-life situations by creating a “Mini-Economy”. Participants are allocated jobs to earn income using our own play Currency (MTC). Participants will be required to conduct various day-to-day financial transactions and make financial decisions that simulate all the concepts taught in a fun and interactive environment. This is in line with MOE’s concept of Teach Less Learn More principle focusing on 30% theory and 70% active learning.


Collaborative Learning

Our programme is based on a holistic development of participants through: competition, teamwork, critical thinking, decision making and peer learning. The programme will be conducted separately for different age group to allow for differentiated learning. Participants at various performance levels will work together in small groups in competitive game-based environment to achieve a common goal. The participants are therefore responsible for each other’s learning as well as their own. Thus, the success of one participant helps to motivate their peers to strive for the best.



Programme Details

Financial Literacy Level 1 (Age 8-10) - S$450 per pax

Financial Literacy Level 2 (Age11-13) - S$450 per pax
Financial Literacy Level 3 (Age 14-16) - S$450 per pax

All workshops include breaks and lunch (Halal with vegetarian & non-vegetarian options)


Workshop Duration:
2 days (8 hrs / day)

Class Size:
Min. 15 students to start

Run 1 (18th & 19th Nov 2017) &
Run 2 (25th & 26th November 2017)

09:30hrs to 17:30hrs for all runs

808 French Road, Kitchener Complex, Singapore 200808

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