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Our Programmes
Curriculum Development

Curriculum development includes how a curriculum is planned, implemented and evaluated, as well as what people, processes and procedures are involved. (Ornstein & Hunkins, 2009).  MOE, schools and educators alike are of the view that education should help students gain knowledge and skills relating to the 5 social and emotional competencies revolving around appropriate core values. Designing an appropriate curriculum is crucial for providing such knowledge and skills.

We use a systematic approach to curriculum development with 5 stages:

Training Methodology


We believe that fun breeds passion in learning.  Encouraging students’ engagement through the use of MoneyTree currency and other learning tools, workshops are instantly transformed into a live game with the chance to reap real-life tangible rewards (for example movie tickets, book vouchers etc.).

Inquiry Based Learning


Our programmes are based on an active learning approach focusing on questioning, critical thinking, and problem-solving,  associated with the idea ‘involve me and I understand’. As learners encounter problems they do not understand, they formulate questions, explore problems, observe, and apply new information in seeking a better understanding of the world.

Experiential Learning


Through the workshops, students will go through simulated activities and real-life scenarios. More than 60% of our curriculum includes activities, interaction and discussion time, allowing students to be  more engaged. This is in line with MOE’s Teach Less Learn More.

Creating the Right Environment


We always emphasize that F = Feedback, not Failure! Students are more willing to try even if they do not succeed at first, thereby building confidence and determination. Open interaction allows for peer learning.

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